Meredith Dress (TS4)

(Sorry for the over-edited image guys lol)

Download: SimFileShare

  • New Mesh | Whole Body
  • Base Game Compatible
  • 15 Swatches (all satins, we're going fancy!)
  • Proper LODs
  • Custom Normal, Specular (it kind of has a soft shine!) and Shadow Map.
  • HQ compatible.

So I'm actually super happy about this! I present to you, my dear Meredith ❤️ it is one of the little presents I have for you around valentine's Day!  It's actually funny because we don't celebrate valentine's day in my country, but... but... but... I just love to celebrate things and make cute dresses and clothes, so this was a perfect opportunity!

Meredith is just a lovely satin dress, that was the concept since the beginning and I really like the finished result, hope you like it as much as I like. 

Have some happy days lovely people ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

  • Please DON’T re-upload it to another site
  • Please DON’T convert to other games without asking me first.
  • Please DON’T use part of this mesh without asking first
  • You can recolor it if you want, just don't include the mesh (and tag me so I can reblog it!). 
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