Kori Dress (TS4)

Download: SimFileShare
  • New Mesh | Whole Body
  • Base Game Compatible
  • 40 Swatches.
  • Proper LODs.
  • Custom Normal, Specular (it kind of has a soft shine!) and Shadow Map.
  • HQ compatible.
This is another valentine present! I was going to upload it yesterday, but I had a really busy day but I hope you can enjoy it <3 .="" small="">
Originally Kori was gonna have 15 swatches like her big sister, Meredith, but, I just couldn't stop myself when I started adding patterns.

  • Please DON’T re-upload it to another site
  • Please DON’T convert to other games without asking me first.
  • Please DON’T use part of this mesh without asking first
  • You can recolor it if you want, just don't include the mesh (and tag me so I can reblog it!). 
cc used: | hair | eyes | nails | sandals | skin overlay | base body mesh |

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