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I made something 😊.

As maybe some of you know, I'm a big fan of a certain songwriter, and it happens that she released an album a month ago 🤭. This dress is not really a copy of the dresses she's been using this era. I just wanted to draw a little of inspiration from the whole thing, and Robin came out! ☺️.

I think this dress actually is one of my favorites (I always say that, and I promise is always true) and I wanted to make a ribbon-neck-thingy for a long, long time. They look really cute together, I think 😉.

Hope you like it!!!!!

 More info:

🤍 Robin Dress:

  • New Mesh | Whole Body.

  • Base Game Compatible.

  • 15 Swatches.

  • Proper LODs.

  • Custom Normal and Shadow Map.

  • HQ Compatible

🤍 Robin Necklace:

  • New Mesh | Acc.

  • Base Game Compatible.

  • 20 Swatches.

  • Proper LODs.

  • Custom Normal Map.

  • HQ Compatible


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