- ̗̀ Naomi & Amanda ̖́- (TS4)


We're saying "bye bye summer" and we're almost there autumn 🍂.

Autumn is one of my favorites (if not my fav) season, so I'm kind of happy and super in the mood of making new stuff 🥰.

Let's talk a little about what we have here 😋.

Amanda is a dress inspired by Pinterest, lol. I found it one day, and I was, "it is very cute ☺️", I recorded myself making it. I don't want to think how much time it will take me to edit it, but you will have it  ☺️! Not only that, but I decided that maybe you would like to have the marvelous designer too, just to go along with like the practice of making stuff 🤔. If you're interested, please let me know ☺️. 

Also, I saw it looked a lot like Rosie (the toddler dress) because of the layer of the skirt, so I decided to use the same swatches, if you use both of them (rosie and amelia) please send me pics 🤭.

Naomi is a set I saw a lot on girls this season 🤔. Like, cute strapless and really nice long denim skirts (I love them 😭). This is my 3rd (?) time making something denim, so I have it looks good enough ☺️.


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