- ̗̀ Lauren Sweater ̖́- (TS4)

Download: Patreon (now) | Simfileshare (May, 7th)

Another Saturday, another thing I'm uploading 💕 (tbh I'm putting everything in myself to be consistent 🤭).
This time you have a cute sweater I made based on a TikTok haul (or something) and I thought it would be super cute to have it in game too. I also thought, "this must be easy? I've made too many sweaters to have any issue with this one 🤔". Yeah, I was wrong 😂. From making the uv to the weight paints, it was a mini-nightmare. It still has some weight issues around the shoulders with some arm movements, but it's too pretty! I simply decided the design was cute enough and added a bunch of colors 🌈 and fewer patterns, so it could, like, shine at its own ✨.
Hope you like it 💖.



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