- ̗̀ Elise Jumpsuit ̖́- (TS4)


 Download: Patreon (now) | SimFileShare (April, 10th)

Hello! How are you? I made something! So, I actually never thought about making a jumpsuit like this one, because I don't know? I didn't think it would be good enough 🤔. So yeah, thank you to my patrons for choosing this little thing! I think is a very usable stuff? Like, when I first saw this I thought about using it for a wedding 🔔 but with the additional swatches it could be used for anything! A friend of mine said it would look super cute for preggo sims, and you know what??? YESSSSS!!!! Please share any pic you take with me ❤️.




  1. cadê o negocio de baixar?

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