- ̗̀ Simblreen 2020 ̖́- (TS4)


Download: The Princess Dress | The Fairy Skirt | The fairy Top | The fairy Wings | The Cat Dress | The Cat Ears (Clothes uploaded on simsdom and acc on simfileshare)

Hello! I was originally going to upload this at the end of November, but it was so long since I upload something without putting another date of release, and I wanted it to be in everybody's hands =D.

Things you need to know: These sets don't have a lot of swatches (around 5-7) and the accessories not so many tbh (the cat ears had like 1 swatch, what you see is what you goe lol). Also, the wings are in the wrist category, but it will have issues if you try to add another thing from the same part. Sorry D:.

Apart from that, I hope you like it! And have a nice day =D.



  1. the princess dress is very beautiful, i love it. but there is a problem with it, when my sim sits on something, both hands spreads into a T-pose. can you fix it please? <3

    1. Omggg nooo! I had that issue with some of my clothes (and was able to fix it before uploading) but I never got that issue with this dress D:. I'll try to fix it and upload it as fast as I can! Thank you for letting me know ❤️.

  2. The cat ears only work on women. They're not available for men at all in cas.


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