Pride Sweater (F+M) + Pride Eyeliner


I'm sorry I'm super late, I didn't want to, but I wasn't super sure about this little gift, in the I decided to finished and now I think it's cute 😊.
I'm talking about the sweater, I wanted something everyone could use, so I decided to edit some sweater made by EA and use them, so I could use the textures for males and females without problem. Also, they're not as high poly, so you can use them even if your computer is not use to alpha stuff, this is using maxis meshes, so I think is ok =).

Also, also, this project was originally to have like 9 flags, but I saw @pawsofpride upload a little collective work with more flags, and I decided, in the end, to add as many as I could. If you feel I excluded any, please let me know and I'll add it for sure 🥰.

About the pansexual sweater: I'm sorry if you noticed a little of green, that happens when you gradient from yellow to blue, and I wasn't able to fix it -.-u, I'm soooorryyyy!


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