- ̗̀ Valentina Dress ̖́- (TS4)

Download Dress: Simsdom (march, 5)
  • New Mesh | Whole Body.
  • Base Game Compatible.
  • 20 Swatches (+15 acc top swatches).
  • Proper LODs.
  • Custom Normal and Shadow Map.
  • HQ Compatible.
This set is part of the heart-bit ♡ mini-collection.
Hello, little things! Anna again, maybe you're a little tired of reading me? This is the second thing I upload from mi valentine's collection and I hope you liked this dress.

Soooo Valentina? Valentina Is a very popular name here in Colombia, and I thought omg that's such Valentine's day name, so that's why I decided to use it. Besides, it's super cute, and when I think about a Valentina, the image of a super cute girl with super pink checks it's the first thing that comes to my mind.

Anyway, I really enjoy making toddler clothes, mostly because you can be as ridiculous as you want with the frills and laces and flower details. It is really nice I don't need to stop myself lol. So yeah, be sure I'm gonna make more things for a toddler without a doubt. I also want to make something for mom + baby, but let's see how it will work! Maybe it won't take me as much next time.

Anyway if you use it, please let me know! And if you have any idea about more clothing, please don't hesitate about sending them to me 🥰!



  1. It's March 5th, but none of the download links are working! Please help, I need this dress and the other clothes in the set! All of the SimsDom links take us to a page that says "Not Found". :(

    1. Sarah 100% my fault! I was supossed to upload it, but I got a lot of things irl. Is already up =D.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hello Alia (i luv your name!) I cannot see your comment, let me know if you have any problem with anything!

  3. Wow your stuff is incredible!!!


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