- ̗̀ Jenni Top ̖́- (TS4)

(BTS' logo is not like that, I just flipped the image for the preview and forget about it lol)

Download: Patreon | Simsdom
Download-adds:  Patreon | Simfileshare
  • New Mesh | Bottom.
  • Base Game Compatible.
  • 30 Swatches.
  • Proper LODs.
  • Custom Normal and Shadow Map.
  • HQ Compatible.
Hello beautiful people!

I hope you're having some nice quarantine time! I know Covid-19 is nothing to actually play with, but you if can help you to have a nicer time in these hard times, it makes me happy too 🤗.

If you're reading this, please let me know what artist or band should I add next? There's always someone I forget lol. 



  1. hii love you're stuff but i dont understand how to download the mesh on this post

    1. hi, i know im late but u have to download the first link that says only "Downlad" (in pinkish-salmon coloured) i also only downloaded the adds and it didn't work for me, ut i think the right way is to download the first one in pinkish salmon colour :)

    2. Hello, I'm sorry I'm super late, Idiot me usually don't check these comments lol. You need to download it where it says "simsdom" for it to work, if you want to add the extra swatches you need to download the "simfileshare" link as well!

    3. Also, thank you Fiz esta conta para o just dance 2016!

  2. I love it :DD The Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles logo is GREAT<3 I rarely see stuff with Lou's but you did it :DD

    1. I asked for suggestions on what artist or group people would like to have, and they were highly suggested! I'm glad you like them <3


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