- ̗̀ Eliza Dress ̖́- (TS4)


  Download: Simsdom 
  • New Mesh | Whole Body.
  • Base Game Compatible.
  • 30 Swatches.
  • Proper LODs.
  • Custom Normal and Shadow Map.
  • HQ Compatible.
Hello beautiful people! Hope you're having super nice holidays.
So ok, you know Elise? I made that dress a month ago and I really liked it a lot (it is something wrong with me saying that?)! But I wanted a little more *wintery* dress with a similar silhouette that's why I made Eliza (named after my obsession with Hamilton right now lol, besides it's like Elise, and since both dresses are similar, that's the thing).

Now I wanted to upload this dress on the first day of winter, then I wanted to upload it on Christmas, and now well, I just waited for a new year lol (if you see this before is available is because it will be automatically uploaded at Simsdom at 1:00 am) but you know, things happen and I just couldn't (I don't even remember why lol). So I hope you like this dress as much as I do, and I hope you can use it. And I hope you have the best day and the best year, you all deserve it, my lovely people 🤗.

Btw: This dress has some little issues at the calf part with certain poses, I hope you excuse me, but I did my best trying to fix as much as I could!

I love u so so much 🥰🥰🥰.


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